SEP sesam Beefalo V2

SEP sesam Version Beefalo V2 - the hybrid of Beef and Buffalo (bison) symbolizes the combination of the best features that have been impressively implemented with the latest version of SEP sesam Hybrid Backup. Beefalo includes even more diverse new features and adapts even better to the growing needs of changing IT environments. But not only new agents, but also significantly improved features, variety, performance, data security and usability will make your life easier.

Release Notes

Expanding diversity

- Extensions to the HPE Catalyst interface - HPE Catalyst Copy and Cloud Bank Storage
- Single File Restore for all hypervisors supported by us
- RHV Support for oVirt-based platforms (such as Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager)
- Extended area for Exclude Pattern


- Parallelism - increased performance and scalability in all areas
- Better Tape performance

Data Security

- MS SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups
- VMware Sandbox Restore


- New SEP sesam WebUI and new restore wizard
- GUI improvements
- SAP HANA Housekeeping
- The management of failed backups (EOL) has changed

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SEP Beefalo V2 - Expanding Diversity

Extensions to the HPE Catalyst interface

HPE Catalyst Copy and Cloud Bank Storage

Now also Catalyst Stores can be replicated from one StoreOnce to another StoreOnce. Furthermore the function Cloud Bank Storage is added. This stores data on public or private cloud storage and is ideal for long-term retention and archiving of backups and offsite backup copies for disaster recovery. For details, see HPE StoreOnce Replication...more information New in the properties of the HPE StoreOnce backup events is the option HPE StoreOnce bandwidth optimized data transfer. By using it, only the changed blocks are transferred to the backup server during the backup, thus optimizing bandwidth usage. For details, see HPE StoreOnce Backup: HPE StoreOnce Bandwidth Optimized Data Transfer Option….more information

Single File Restore

It increases the ease of use and saves enormous amounts of time, bandwidth and storage space when restoring. This simplifies the backup concept considerably, as no agent is required in the VM for single file restores. The VM snapshots are completely sufficient. Single File Restore is possible for all hypervisors supported by SEP except Proxmox.

RHV Support

The SEP sesam RHV Module provides support for oVirt-based platforms within Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM) in the same way as for RHV environments (with the same options and steps). The only difference is that the relevant OLVM components should be configured instead of RHV...more information

Extended area for Exclude Pattern

With Beefalo V2 the Exclude Pattern area ExcludePattern900 and higher is used for SEP internal Exclude Patterns. Now the lower numbers should be used to define specific Exclude Patterns...more information 

SEP Beefalo V2 - Performance


Parallelism for Oracle (via RMAN) and HANA Backup and Restore (parallel HANA backint channels) has been extended, so that even very large DBs can be backed up quickly and accurately. The significantly increased performance and scalability in all areas up to complex enterprise environments has a very beneficial effect (e.g. many thousands of jobs per day, DB queries with many hundreds of thousands of entries, parallel start and abort of many thousands of jobs, etc.)

Better Tape performance

It is possible to change the default write density for tapes to achieve better tape performance by using a new Device Block Size option in the drive properties. You can increase the Tape Block Size if you use LTO Ultrium tape drives and your backup environment supports larger tape blocks...more information

SEP Beefalo V2 - Data Security


SEP sesam currently supports backups of MS SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AOAG) on the primary replica via the Listener. AOAG offer different options for better database availability...more information

VMware Sandbox Restore

SEP sesam introduces an online recovery of the VMware Sandbox, which can be done via a restore wizard. SEP sesam Sandbox-Restore for VMware is performed in an isolated environment where you can restore and start one or more virtual machines (VMs). It is useful to check the VM environment, test backups and fix problems...more information

SEP Beefalo V2 - Usability

New SEP sesam WebUI and new restore wizard

SEP sesam WebUI and Restore Wizard have been completely redesigned to provide a detailed overview and improved monitoring of the SEP sesam environment. The restore wizard is designed as a simple wizard that guides you through the restore process. It also offers some additional options compared to the GUI, such as VMware Sandbox Restore. The availability of restore options in the Restore Wizard depends on the UI mode used (Basic or Advanced). Switching between Restore Wizard, Monitor and Dashboard is easy...more information WebUI and Restore Wizard 

GUI improvements

  • The command sm_update_client was extended. Now you can check in the SEP sesam GUI whether an update is available for your clients and choose whether to update automatically or manually. You can update all clients within the site at once or update only the selected client. You can also exclude a specific client from the update or install SEP sesam component(s) on new Windows clients...more information Update SEP sesam and Update Clients
  • SEP sesam automatic remote installation is a Windows only feature that allows you to remotely install any SEP sesam package (client, RDS, etc.) on any Windows system using the SEP sesam GUI….more information
  • The SEP sesam calendar has been made more user friendly and intuitive. It offers flexible planning functions, for example how and when your events are processed and how your calendar is set up….more information

SAP HANA Housekeeping

Now you can use SAP HANA Housekeeping to delete (clean up) SEP sesam backups that are no longer needed or cannot be used for recovery. To perform SAP HANA Housekeeping the appropriate commands should be executed on the SAP HANA server....more information

The management of failed backups (EOL) has changed

How SEP sesam manages failed backups depends on its version. Starting with Beefalo V2 SEP sesam keeps the failed backup(s) according to the media pool retention time together with the last successful backup or migration saveset (in previous versions failed backups were automatically deleted after 3 days). At the same time, it introduces storage-related keys that allow you to adjust your backup storage policy and control how long the failed backup(s) should be kept....more information

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