SEP IT-Safe: Make your business an always-on business!

How do you respond to a disruption of your business? SEP IT-Safe is the IT-Resilience solution that automatically brings your business back online within seconds - if you want without any user interference.SEP IT-Safe proves to be the most flexible 24/7 resilience solutions that provides any-to-any system failover. It is the only solution with a focus on both, security and protection. 


Meets customers always-on expectations.
All layers of enterprise IT are ready for always-on business.


Physical & virtual environments

On-premise, service providers & public cloud

Applications, databases & server level

Cross platform & cross hypervisor


Fits for all sizes of IT environments - up to thousands of systems.
IT-Safe grows with availability needs.


All involved components are encrypted.
Management servers can be designed redundantly over multiple locations.
Mitigation of cyber security threats.

Full Automation

In case of an alarm SEP IT-Safe can start all needed processes automatically
- if required without any human interaction.


Provides all advantages of run-books including individual modifications during the failover process.


Potential mismatches are identified before recovery process starts.

Cost Reduction

Downtime for always-on businesses are avoided.
License costs in the failover datacenter are reduced to zero.
Workload onboarding into public cloud is possible.

SEP IT-Safe: Steps to IT-Resilience


SEP sesam and SEP IT-Safe perfectly fit together to serve always-on scenarios. SEP sesam's Si3 deduplication and replication reduces the network load in LANs an WANs significantly. The planned restore functionallity proves the consistency and integrity of production data.

System Monitoring

Optionally, an existing monitoring system or SEP IT-Safe can be used to monitor the systems. The failover case is initiated by an event in the monitoring system.

System Recovery

In case of an alarm event SEP IT-Safe starts the recovery process remotely. The first step is to boot an image of the original system or automatically migrate to an alternative system on a new physical or virtual computer in the SEP IT-Safe management console. A standard procedure is to boot from network. In the next step SEP IT-Safe starts the predefined recovery process automatically.

If a prebuilt standby system is available SEP IT-Safe can boot this system and the recovery process can be performed by the IT-SAFE management console.
Other recovery scenarios due to customer needs are available.
A special feature of IT-SAFE is the opportunity to add necessary information during any recovery process automatically. For example if new drivers are necessary for dissimilar hardware or if network connections needs modifications;
The recovery process always starts with a hardware scan for all computer types to detect the necessary additional steps (e.g. another RAID setup for the new hardware) that need to be perfmed for a successful recovery.